We had the great pleasure of attending Pastor and Spouse’s retreat this year with both Jon and Cathleen, and Betty and Lennie. This is the first time all three pastors have attended in a long time, and a first for the six of us. We were definitely excited to get away from our busy schedule and take some time relaxing and focusing on ourselves. The speaker was great (as expected), the food was delicious, and the fellowship was encouraging. IMG_5020 DSC_0330

We also took time to play around a little. We spent our free afternoon at a really nice hot springs. This place has six different pools. The top pool is the hottest. Then, that water flows down to the next pool (the biggest) which is a little cooler, which flows into the next, and so on and so forth. Each pool is a little different and gets cooler in temperature as they go. It was very relaxing to slowly work our way down to the coolest pool. We had great conversation and fellowship while relaxing too!We also spent some time in McCall, a nice mountain resort town. We loved overlooking the beautiful lake and shopping in their cute little stores.

DSC_0347As I think about retreat, I can’t help but reflect on the sessions. Through the captivating stories, humorous tales, and eloquent words, Scott Daniels vividly captured the struggle of Jonah. As I reflect on this, I continually return to this question: Why are we so often missing out on God? Why am I sometimes so focused on life that I don’t see God? That I miss out on his love? Jonah’s story, and his anger for Ninevah in the fourth chapter, really forces me to examine my own life, and my own Ninevah and struggles that take over my time and focus. Jonah is so focused on his anger towards Ninevah that he misses out on Ninevah repenting to God. God is redeeming Ninevah, but Jonah can’t see that. What is God redeeming in our lives that we don’t see? What am I missing out on? These are thoughts that I know I will continue to reflect on throughout the coming months.

DSC_0335I am glad to have had this opportunity to worship alongside the others in our ministry team. Although it was difficult to be there without Ash (who got to stay home with our friend Brenda and her family), we were able to relax and spend sometime with our ministry team. It was a great time.

IMG_5035(But, it sure was nice to be back home with him!)