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Let’s go to the park

This weather has been so crazy this winter. I can’t believe that we are having 40 and 50 degree days in February! I love seeing the sun . . . and the ground. No Snow! So, to celebrate, we took Ash to the park today. This guy enjoyed the slide and running around like all the other kids. I’m sure this is becoming a weekly event.

park1 park2 park 3

month twelve

I can’t believe we have reached the final installment of his monthly photos. When I look back at the pictures of him, it is crazy to see how much he has grown, and to see how chunky he was this summer. He has really begun to thin and lengthen out. I loved hanging all his pictures out at his birthday party so everyone could see his growth. I am so glad that I took the time each month to get these shots. I know I will really appreciate having them in the future.

Here are a couple of the pictures from his last monthly shots and a few more of him when we took our Christmas pictures. He looks like a little boy in his Christmas pics. I am still in disbelief!

12_1 12_2one_1 DSC_0197_2DSC_0194_2 one_2 one_3

Happy Birthday!

birthday1Happy Birthday to the greatest little man we know!

You are so full of joy, happiness, laughter, and love! We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. Happy Birthday little man. We love you so!

simple things

We only have a few more days until this little man is one. The baby phase is quickly moving away, and the toddler phase is ready to take over. I have cherished every moment of this time with our little man. Each stage has been a joy. Now that he is beginning to walk, I know this phase will only be around for a little while longer. I want to make sure and capture as much as I can of him right now. So, I spent some time capturing him in his crib, catching these precious memories of him standing up, smiling at us, as we come in to get him after nap time. These are the moments I will look back on when he is throwing a tantrum or bringing home his first girlfriend. I know I will be glad I have these pictures then!


month eleven

This little guy is all personality!

11_1We can’t believe we are less than a month away from having a one-year-old. He is showing us more and more of who he is. He has a wonderful happy personality, always laughing, talking, and doing something hilarious. 11_2 11_3 11_4 11_5 11_6 11_7 11_8 11_9 11_10 11_11

Going to the Jack-o-lantern . . .

Gonna get married.

You know that song that says “going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.” Well, when we were growing up my sister used to think that the lyrics said “going to the jack-o-lantern, gonna get married.” So, every time I think of pumpkins, or weddings, I think of this song. So, when trying to come up with a title for this post, all I could do was repeat this song in my head. So, here we go to the jack-o-lantern, I mean pumpkin patch. pp1I really love Baker in the fall. Small towns really know how to do fall the right way, not only do they have downtown decorated beautifully, they celebrate all things fall. Haines, the little town about 10 minutes outside city limits, had a little pumpkin patch and fall festival this weekend. We have been wanting to take Ash to the pumpkin patch, but weren’t sure where a good one was. We knew we would have to travel a little ways to get to one, so when we heard about the one in Haines we figured that even if it wasn’t great it was close.pp6pp3pp4Well, we were pleasantly surprised. It was quaint, but adorable. It was perfect for little kids five and under. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, pumpkin bowling, food, and pumpkins. We got to take Ash around in his new wagon, thanks to Grammie and Papa who sent his birthday present early, knowing we would want to use it before the snow came. pp7 pp8Ash Daddy got to pick out his pumpkin. He got to pet his first pony, Tony, and his first sheep. It was the perfect place for Ash. It wasn’t overwhelming or crowded, and their were only other families with little children too.pp5We had a wonderful time!