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Let’s go to the park

This weather has been so crazy this winter. I can’t believe that we are having 40 and 50 degree days in February! I love seeing the sun . . . and the ground. No Snow! So, to celebrate, we took Ash to the park today. This guy enjoyed the slide and running around like all the other kids. I’m sure this is becoming a weekly event.

park1 park2 park 3

Wishing you a Joyful Christmas


We can’t believe another year has past. Asher is already one-year-old! He has changed so much over the last year. Each day we see new traits to his personality, new likes, new dislikes, and more of that wonderful smile! We have been truly blessed this year.

Zach graduated with his Masters this spring and has completed all the requirements and will be ordained in May. Bri is over half-way done with her Masters and will be graduating in May as well (What a busy month that will be!). Bri is enjoying teaching 4th and 5th grade students in the Learning Center, while Zach continues to work with and shape the youth in our church.

This year has been full of travel, as well. We had the wonderful experience of going on a cruise to the Caribbean with Bri’s family in June. We travelled to the Bahamas, St. Thomas/St. John, and St. Marteen. Asher was able to swim in his first ocean at one of the top five most beautiful beaches in the world: Trunk Bay. We also travelled to Yellowstone National Park for a week of camping with Zach’s family. We saw (and smelled) many geysers, hiked many trails, and saw much of the beautiful countryside. We are fortunate to be able to see so much of God’s beautiful creation and raise Asher in an environment where he can grow up appreciating and experiencing so much of it as well.

This time of year reminds us of the hope we have in Christ. Our hope of the future and present rely fully in this little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. So, we wait in anticipation of his arrival, but continue to fully love like he loves and share our joy with everyone we know. What joy we find in him!

We wish you all a joyful Christmas!


DSC_0010We had the best time in Portland. This city has so many fun things to do. We spent our time wandering around downtown, trying out coffee in the different coffee shops, and browsing books in Powells. DSC_0018We walked around Saturday Market and got some donuts at the famous Voo Doo Donuts. DSC_0023We made sure to stop at Multnomah Falls and check out this beautiful waterfall.DSC_0027 DSC_0030 IMG_5138 IMG_5141We ate at some delicious food carts (The grilled cheese one is AWESOME!)IMG_5150And, of course, no trip would be complete without a soccer game. So, we enjoyed a crazy Portland Timbers game. IMG_5155 IMG_5160It was an awesome way to celebrate FIVE years of marriage. We can’t wait to see what the next five years has to offer!IMG_5163

five years later

I can’t believe that five years ago we were getting married.1 Every year at this time I am always reminiscing about that wonderful day. I know many people look back at their wedding (especially if you got married pre pinterest, like me) and wish they could change something about it. Maybe it was the bridesmaids dresses, the location, the fact that they didn’t have mason jars, or there was no photobooth with frames or chalkboard signs, or whatever it might be. But when I look back on that day, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say it went perfectly, but the minor things I don’t even remember unless I really think about everything that happened that day. My mom, well she would probably tell you otherwise. She had a lot more to deal with that day than I did.3I loved that we got married in the fall. I loved the golden hills of the Goldrush towns in Northern California at that time of year. I loved the white lights strung all over my Aunt and Uncle’s yard. I loved that “Better Together” was being played on the Ukulele as I walked down the isle. I loved that I had my Grammie’s broach clipped onto my bouquet as I clung to it as I anxiously walked to him. I loved the table names and the stories they told about our life together. I loved the lanterns that lit up each table and the simple brown table clothes that lined each one. I loved that we took time to sing Happy Birthday to my Grandpa. I love that I think of him each year and know that I share that special day with him as well. I loved that one of my best friends sang “In Christ Alone” during the ceremony. I loved dancing with friends and family while they gave us that wonderful money that helped us have a wonderful honeymoon. I loved that we stood up there in front of all our family, with our friends by our side, and promised to love each other for the rest of our lives. 5But what I love most of all is that I get to wake up every morning to my best friend, to the guy that has best shown me Christ’s love, and has given me the best gift of all: the cutest 11 month-old you have ever seen. IMG_3572Happy Anniversary Love!

Going to the Jack-o-lantern . . .

Gonna get married.

You know that song that says “going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.” Well, when we were growing up my sister used to think that the lyrics said “going to the jack-o-lantern, gonna get married.” So, every time I think of pumpkins, or weddings, I think of this song. So, when trying to come up with a title for this post, all I could do was repeat this song in my head. So, here we go to the jack-o-lantern, I mean pumpkin patch. pp1I really love Baker in the fall. Small towns really know how to do fall the right way, not only do they have downtown decorated beautifully, they celebrate all things fall. Haines, the little town about 10 minutes outside city limits, had a little pumpkin patch and fall festival this weekend. We have been wanting to take Ash to the pumpkin patch, but weren’t sure where a good one was. We knew we would have to travel a little ways to get to one, so when we heard about the one in Haines we figured that even if it wasn’t great it was close.pp6pp3pp4Well, we were pleasantly surprised. It was quaint, but adorable. It was perfect for little kids five and under. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, pumpkin bowling, food, and pumpkins. We got to take Ash around in his new wagon, thanks to Grammie and Papa who sent his birthday present early, knowing we would want to use it before the snow came. pp7 pp8Ash Daddy got to pick out his pumpkin. He got to pet his first pony, Tony, and his first sheep. It was the perfect place for Ash. It wasn’t overwhelming or crowded, and their were only other families with little children too.pp5We had a wonderful time!

sweet home

We are so happy to finally buy a new couch. It has been five years of us waiting for this moment. In honor of our new couch (which came today, yay!) I wanted to add a new pillow. So, I made this one.

DSC_0161I really like all those wreath designs with sayings that are really popular on the internet and pinterest right now. So, I thought, why not make one on a pillow? I embroidered the wreaths and flowers. I wanted to tie in the coral curtains and frames with the couch, so I made sure the back of the pillow had a coral print. I cut the words out of black felt and glued them on with fabric glue. It was great that I happened to have all the supplies at home, so it cost nothing. Score! DSC_0133 DSC_0138

Now, I can’t wait to make another pillow. I’m excited about the new design I have come up with.

DSC_0148 DSC_0177Well, I better go, we are busy cozying up on our couch and watching some episodes of Alias, now that Ash is ready for bed.