So this past weekend we went on drive up Marble Creek Rd. Ever since Zach got his Explorer, we have been waiting for the weather to get nice and the snow to melt so we can go drive up some crazy dirt roads. We have been wanting to take this trek up Marble Creek Rd to a couple of trailheads. So, since it was such a nice day on Saturday, and I wanted to try out my new hiking shoes (my birthday present from Zach), we packed Asher and Kona in the car and headed out.

DSC01501It was a nice drive, we even rolled down the windows to feel the nice cool breeze as we traveled up the mountain. As we journeyed farther and farther, the roads became more uneven and bumpy. To the right of me the mountainside lined the road. To Zach’s left, the road plummeted to the valley below. I uneasily sank my fingers into my door handle, while Zach cheered in excitement all the way up the mountain. We jolted from side to side as we rounded corners, fought through brush, and escaped big holes left from the winter weather.

DSC01519About three miles from the top (and the trailhead), we finally reached the snow. At first it only covered one side of the road. So, Zach was able to grip the road with the two right wheels and power on through. But, as the snow widened across the road we weren’t sure whether to keep trudging along or to turn around. We decided to see what our four-wheel drive could really do.

DSC01504Well . . . we realized that although it can do a lot in snow and on the dirt roads, this road which is covered in hard, thick, ice would not let the Explorer grip. So, after quickly getting stuck, we decided to stop there. We got out, ate our lunch, and went on a little hike up the road a little farther.

DSC01499DSC01507Although we did not meet our destination, it was worth it to watch Kona run through the snow and enjoy some time out in the forest. And of course we could not leave without attempting to take a family selfie (although can you call it a selfie if there are three of us?)


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