Here are some important things you need to know about this daddy:


First, and most important of all, he loves God and daily shows this through his love and devotion to me and our little guy. This guy will sing any crazy song, complete with any crazy dance if it will make our little one laugh. He will play on the floor for hours, making funny faces, talking with all sorts of sounds and pitches, and lets the little one pick, prod, and pinch him as he climbs all over him. No diaper is too smelly (ok, maybe some are) and no food is too messy for him. He is not afraid to make a meal or clean up the house when I am stuck in the bedroom trying to get some studying done. He is the greatest encourager and best friend anyone could ever ask for. I thank God daily for the greatest gift God has ever given me.

I have watched this guys dedication to keep food on the table, warmth in this house, and love in our hearts. I have never seen someone who continually projects Christ’s love to everyone, and who daily exemplifies it to our son like him. He is honest, kind, easy going, always happy, and incredibly smart.


I am excited to watch our happy little guy begin to mimic and follow him around. I can’t wait to see what an awesome man our little guy will turn out to be because of his amazing dad.

Thanks for making us the happiest, most loved people in the world. We love you!

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