This is our favorite hike in the Elkhorns.

DSC_0678It is a beautiful trail that follows along the mountainside, over creeks, through the trees, and lands at a gorgeous mountaintop lake. What is also great about this hike is that it is quick. It only takes about 1.5 miles to get in, so round trip is only 3 miles. We have been waiting for the snow to melt all spring and summer so we could finally hike this amazing trail. Luckily, when we got back from our cruise most of the snow on the mountains was gone, so we knew we could make it. crawfish1crawfish2

Crawfish Lake

Where: In the Elkhorns, on Anthony Lakes HIghway, about 15 minutes past Anthony Ski Lodge.

Distance: 3 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easycrawfish3

crawfish4crawfish5We took Kona with us. She had a blast leaping over the fallen trees, prancing through the meadows, and soaking in the creeks. She sure did get dirty, so a bath was necessary immediately following the hike. She also had fun swimming in the lake. The bad part being that all the fish/bird poop liked to gather at the edges of the lake, well she would roll around in it, covering herself in it, then shake it all off . . . on Ash and I who were sitting near by. This was a lesson we did not need to be taught: never sit down near the edge of the lake while your dog rolls around in fish poop. We stunk!

crawfish6The hike was great. It was nice to go up yesterday morning and take some alone time. We are going to be busy the next few weeks. We are headed on a mission trip to LA Wednesday, then once we get back, we immediately head to Yellowstone for another week. It has been a crazy eventful summer, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Especially, when we can take some time to do things like this with each other as well.

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