Yesterday, we reached ten months!


Right now this guy has four teeth (with two more on the way). He spends most of his time traveling along the edge of the couch to the coffee table. He is getting so strong, it won’t be long before he is standing on his own and taking his first steps. He enjoys reading his books, throwing his books, and playing fetch with his books (and other toys).

ten1He is very focused and intent on learning the world around him. He loves watching people. When he finds someone, he focuses in on them, intently figuring them out. His big, always prevalent, smile hasn’t changed (except those two little teeth you see peeking out from the bottom of his mouth). He continues to laugh all the time, and snuggle when he isn’t feeling good. And, most importantly, he continues to bring happiness to those he encounters everyday!


We love this little guy! He really is the best!

ten4 ten6ten5

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