I can’t believe that five years ago we were getting married.1 Every year at this time I am always reminiscing about that wonderful day. I know many people look back at their wedding (especially if you got married pre pinterest, like me) and wish they could change something about it. Maybe it was the bridesmaids dresses, the location, the fact that they didn’t have mason jars, or there was no photobooth with frames or chalkboard signs, or whatever it might be. But when I look back on that day, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say it went perfectly, but the minor things I don’t even remember unless I really think about everything that happened that day. My mom, well she would probably tell you otherwise. She had a lot more to deal with that day than I did.3I loved that we got married in the fall. I loved the golden hills of the Goldrush towns in Northern California at that time of year. I loved the white lights strung all over my Aunt and Uncle’s yard. I loved that “Better Together” was being played on the Ukulele as I walked down the isle. I loved that I had my Grammie’s broach clipped onto my bouquet as I clung to it as I anxiously walked to him. I loved the table names and the stories they told about our life together. I loved the lanterns that lit up each table and the simple brown table clothes that lined each one. I loved that we took time to sing Happy Birthday to my Grandpa. I love that I think of him each year and know that I share that special day with him as well. I loved that one of my best friends sang “In Christ Alone” during the ceremony. I loved dancing with friends and family while they gave us that wonderful money that helped us have a wonderful honeymoon. I loved that we stood up there in front of all our family, with our friends by our side, and promised to love each other for the rest of our lives. 5But what I love most of all is that I get to wake up every morning to my best friend, to the guy that has best shown me Christ’s love, and has given me the best gift of all: the cutest 11 month-old you have ever seen. IMG_3572Happy Anniversary Love!

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  1. Bri- I love this! Love that you remembered so many things you loved about that day and shared it with ME – someone that has known you for such a short time. The more I know you the more I think that you and Zach are the coolest young couple ever! Thank you for following Christ’s calling and coming to Baker City. Can’t wait to read your 20 year blog! And of course see the photos. You can borrow my gray wig if you have no gray hairs by then.

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