So, we had a doctor’s appointment last week for Asher. Every appointment begins with a weight check. We are always anxious to see that he is gaining weight. We want to see that baby grow! Anyway, in order to check his weight, Asher had to be stripped down to his birthday suit. This is not Asher’s favorite thing. Zach took Asher’s clothes off and the nurse laid him down on the scale. Right as the scale read his weight, we see a long stream of pee shoot up right toward the nurse, creating a perfect arch. Luckily, the nurse jumped back just in time not to get hit. Unfortunately, Asher twisted and the stream took a new direction- right at the computer. His aim was spectacular, the keyboard and mouse were drenched. It looks like we have quite the computer wiz on our hands.

IMG_2467This is a picture from a previous appointment. Picture him facing the other way. That’s the computer he hit right behind him.

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