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month ten

Yesterday, we reached ten months!


Right now this guy has four teeth (with two more on the way). He spends most of his time traveling along the edge of the couch to the coffee table. He is getting so strong, it won’t be long before he is standing on his own and taking his first steps. He enjoys reading his books, throwing his books, and playing fetch with his books (and other toys).

ten1He is very focused and intent on learning the world around him. He loves watching people. When he finds someone, he focuses in on them, intently figuring them out. His big, always prevalent, smile hasn’t changed (except those two little teeth you see peeking out from the bottom of his mouth). He continues to laugh all the time, and snuggle when he isn’t feeling good. And, most importantly, he continues to bring happiness to those he encounters everyday!


We love this little guy! He really is the best!

ten4 ten6ten5

bath time

This kid loves bath time. He could spend hours splashing around and chewing on his toys. He has on occasion, heard the bathtub water running and came crawling in trying to climb into the bathtub. He also gets upset every time he is taken out, no matter how long we let him play. Sometimes, we even wait until his hands and arms are cold because we know how much he loves it, and he still cries. This kid is crazy, but we are loving every minute of watching his personality come alive.

Our lesson: Stay out of the splash zone! This kid is worse than Shamu!

bath1 bath2


I love watching this kid explore. He insists on pulling himself on everything, being able to see what is happening in all areas of the house.feet a1 DSC_0038 Today he insisted on watching his daddy mow the lawn. Unfortunately, he is not quite tall enough to see out yet. But, give him time. I know it won’t be long now.

DSC_0052 DSC_0081

watch him grow


I can’t believe that Asher has been outside this world for longer than he was in my belly. It definitely feels like he hasn’t been around that long!

Watch him grow here!


month nine

We love this little guy. His contagious laugh and adorable smile keep us entertained all day long. Right now he enjoys exploring the living room. He is everywhere and going there quickly. He loves reading his books; his favorite right now is “Are You My Mommy?” He loves to practice walking around and we know he can’t wait to start trying it out on his own. We can see his bottom two teeth poking through, so now we just wait until they decide to pop up altogether. He keeps our lives very exciting!

9_2 9_69_3 9_5

month eight

This kid had been growing so much lately. We are constantly amazed at all this little guy is learning, and how quickly he seems to catch on. He is the happiest baby ever (people are always telling us this). And, he is also the cutest (People are always telling us this too!). We are very blessed for all the joy this little one has given us and all that he comes in contact with. We can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring! I wonder what crazy adventures this little guy is going to be taking us on?month8_1 month8_2 month8_3 month8_4 month8_5 month8_6 month8_7

month six

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital . . . well enough sappy talk, let’s see those pictures. Since that’s the reason you are all here anyway.

six_1 six_2 six_3 six_4 six_5 six_6 six_7 six_8I know that he turned six months a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I actually had time to sit down and edit these pictures. What a cutie!

Asher’s Baptism

Asher was baptized a few weeks ago. We have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to put the pictures up until now.DSC_0370


We had some family here for the weekend, so Asher was the center of attention all weekend long. The grandparents and great grandparents had a great time playing with him. DSC_0363

It was a great service. Pastor Jon did an amazing job, and Asher laughed all the through it. I’m not sure who was actually listening to Jon since Asher was stealing the show! Good thing it was all about him. DSC_0345DSC_0392It was a great weekend, but I think someone needed some time to recover!



He is Risen Indeed!

Asher had a wonderful time at church for his first Easter.

Here are some pictures of us from today.

easter1 easter2 easter3This one will be saved for when his first girlfriend comes over for dinner, high school graduation, or his wedding slideshow. easter4