month nine

We love this little guy. His contagious laugh and adorable smile keep us entertained all day long. Right now he enjoys exploring the living room. He is everywhere and going there quickly. He loves reading his books; his favorite right now is “Are You My Mommy?” He loves to practice walking around and we know he can’t wait to start trying it out on his own. We can see his bottom two teeth poking through, so now we just wait until they decide to pop up altogether. He keeps our lives very exciting!

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a look back . . .

I have been going through all our old photo creating our photobook from our first year of marriage. It’s been great looking through all our pictures, reliving the events of that year. I really can’t believe all that we did in the first year of our marriage. We began with our honeymoon, I completed student teaching and graduated from college, and we moved from San Diego to Kansas City. Zach started his Master’s and I began life in the workforce. We also adopted our beautiful Kona Bear that year as well. I can’t believe how tiny she was when we brought her home. What a fun year!
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month eight

This kid had been growing so much lately. We are constantly amazed at all this little guy is learning, and how quickly he seems to catch on. He is the happiest baby ever (people are always telling us this). And, he is also the cutest (People are always telling us this too!). We are very blessed for all the joy this little one has given us and all that he comes in contact with. We can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring! I wonder what crazy adventures this little guy is going to be taking us on?month8_1 month8_2 month8_3 month8_4 month8_5 month8_6 month8_7


This is our favorite hike in the Elkhorns.

DSC_0678It is a beautiful trail that follows along the mountainside, over creeks, through the trees, and lands at a gorgeous mountaintop lake. What is also great about this hike is that it is quick. It only takes about 1.5 miles to get in, so round trip is only 3 miles. We have been waiting for the snow to melt all spring and summer so we could finally hike this amazing trail. Luckily, when we got back from our cruise most of the snow on the mountains was gone, so we knew we could make it. crawfish1crawfish2

Crawfish Lake

Where: In the Elkhorns, on Anthony Lakes HIghway, about 15 minutes past Anthony Ski Lodge.

Distance: 3 miles round trip

Difficulty: Easycrawfish3

crawfish4crawfish5We took Kona with us. She had a blast leaping over the fallen trees, prancing through the meadows, and soaking in the creeks. She sure did get dirty, so a bath was necessary immediately following the hike. She also had fun swimming in the lake. The bad part being that all the fish/bird poop liked to gather at the edges of the lake, well she would roll around in it, covering herself in it, then shake it all off . . . on Ash and I who were sitting near by. This was a lesson we did not need to be taught: never sit down near the edge of the lake while your dog rolls around in fish poop. We stunk!

crawfish6The hike was great. It was nice to go up yesterday morning and take some alone time. We are going to be busy the next few weeks. We are headed on a mission trip to LA Wednesday, then once we get back, we immediately head to Yellowstone for another week. It has been a crazy eventful summer, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Especially, when we can take some time to do things like this with each other as well.

still cruisin’

Here are the rest of the highlights from the trip.

We were on Allure of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean Ship.

We stopped in three ports: Bahamas, St. Thomas (St. John), and St. Maarten.

I did not get a picture of everyone with my camera, we did get pictures taken on the ship. Hopefully I can show those pictures at a later time. It was a blast. I loved having all our family there to enjoy this time together. We have the greatest Grandma in the world!


gone cruisin’

Here are the first batch of pictures from our cruise to the Caribbean.
DSC_0002I loved watching the water crash against the side of the ship and the path that the ship left in its tracks.
DSC_0059imageHe loved the balcony and hanging out with Grammy and Papa in their stateroom.DSC_0084Our huge cruise ship waiting in St. Thomas. DSC_0102On our crazy boat ride to St. John’s island. DSC_0116Trunk Bay, the ocean we swam in, is named one of the three top beaches in the world. And you could see why. Ash was able to get his passport stamped at his first national park: US Virgin Islands. DSC_0147Someone had their first swim in the ocean . . . and only the best beaches for this little guy. DSC_0190image (1)Someone got to ride the carousel for the first time on the cruise ship.DSC_0029and he loved playing around with all our family . . . especially since he was the center of attention. DSC_0065

to our daddy

Here are some important things you need to know about this daddy:


First, and most important of all, he loves God and daily shows this through his love and devotion to me and our little guy. This guy will sing any crazy song, complete with any crazy dance if it will make our little one laugh. He will play on the floor for hours, making funny faces, talking with all sorts of sounds and pitches, and lets the little one pick, prod, and pinch him as he climbs all over him. No diaper is too smelly (ok, maybe some are) and no food is too messy for him. He is not afraid to make a meal or clean up the house when I am stuck in the bedroom trying to get some studying done. He is the greatest encourager and best friend anyone could ever ask for. I thank God daily for the greatest gift God has ever given me.

I have watched this guys dedication to keep food on the table, warmth in this house, and love in our hearts. I have never seen someone who continually projects Christ’s love to everyone, and who daily exemplifies it to our son like him. He is honest, kind, easy going, always happy, and incredibly smart.


I am excited to watch our happy little guy begin to mimic and follow him around. I can’t wait to see what an awesome man our little guy will turn out to be because of his amazing dad.

Thanks for making us the happiest, most loved people in the world. We love you!

month six

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital . . . well enough sappy talk, let’s see those pictures. Since that’s the reason you are all here anyway.

six_1 six_2 six_3 six_4 six_5 six_6 six_7 six_8I know that he turned six months a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I actually had time to sit down and edit these pictures. What a cutie!