A snowshoeing kind of day

We decided to spend some family time on Saturday. So, we packed the four of us up in the Explorer and headed for the mountains.DSC_0230

We learned some valuable lessons on this excursion. First, we learned that when we are on a very strict time schedule (oh, the joys of having a newborn), it probably isn’t a good idea to “try out” a new spot to snowshoe at. Especially, when the spot doesn’t pan out because of there being tons more ice than snow; which then leads to a longer drive to the place we normally travel to.DSC_0236

The next, and MOST IMPORTANT, lesson doesn’t have to do with our little man; he was perfect. He slept through the entire hike, warm and cozy in the Ergobaby. This lesson was taught by Kona. We usually take Kona on our hikes. When we are on the trails we let her off her leash. She is great at staying with us and keeping to the trail. Well, last winter we learned that when she is in the snow and can’t see the trail, she does not stay with us. So, we have learned to keep her on a long leash. Zach thought it would be best for him to carry our little guy, while I handled Kona. This was not such a good idea. She is very strong, so along with her constantly pulling and making me fall, she also wrapped herself up in just about every tree/bush we came across.

DSC_0206DSC_0202The other problem was that this area had way more snow then the last time we were there; so, Kona was practically swimming through the snow. She would try to follow behind me, walking in my tracks. She would constantly step on the back of my snowshoe, causing me to fall. We were able to get in an hour hike or so, but we think next time Kona may need to stay home. Overall, we are still calling this trip a success. We got out of the house, enjoyed the mountains, and spent quality time as a family.DSC_0229DSC_0238

Our kid is a Computer Wiz

So, we had a doctor’s appointment last week for Asher. Every appointment begins with a weight check. We are always anxious to see that he is gaining weight. We want to see that baby grow! Anyway, in order to check his weight, Asher had to be stripped down to his birthday suit. This is not Asher’s favorite thing. Zach took Asher’s clothes off and the nurse laid him down on the scale. Right as the scale read his weight, we see a long stream of pee shoot up right toward the nurse, creating a perfect arch. Luckily, the nurse jumped back just in time not to get hit. Unfortunately, Asher twisted and the stream took a new direction- right at the computer. His aim was spectacular, the keyboard and mouse were drenched. It looks like we have quite the computer wiz on our hands.

IMG_2467This is a picture from a previous appointment. Picture him facing the other way. That’s the computer he hit right behind him.